The All time BTS to go through Military Service

The K-pop superstars of the boy band BTS made headlines around the world when their agency, BigHit Music, announced that all seven members would fulfill their military service in South Korea.

The internationally renowned performers undoubtedly avoided having public opinion turn against them in South Korea by not asking for a specific exemption from required duty.
It ended the rumor that the band members would be spared from the nation’s requirement that all able-bodied males serve 18 to 21 months in the military. The group’s global fanbase, known as the BTS Army, may be saddened by the announcement and dreading the time without new songs, but the action likely prevented the country’s population from turning against the internationally adored singers.
For male celebrities, military service has historically been a contentious topic in South Korean culture.

BTS, though, never seemed to make an effort to escape conscription. In fact, due of the group’s unparalleled level of success around the world, others—including government officials—suggested a special exemption for them. In fact, many contend the group has already made more contributions to its nation than the majority of individuals will ever make in their lifetimes. BTS has significantly enhanced the global appeal of K-pop and Korean culture while boosting the economy by an estimated $5 billion annually.

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