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Have you Considered living in a Van!

From Slovenia to Ecuador, these spots offer a variety of activities for solo travelers.

The phrase “downsizing” refers to trading some room for something cozier. Many of us downsize as a way of life. The advantages of downsizing are numerous. Less room to clean, embracing minimalism, and taking pleasure in the peace of mind it brings are all on the list. As a result, time, money, and stress are saved.

Van life first appeared in the 1960s as individuals began to live more intrepidly. In addition to using vans for work, they also made modifications to their vans so they could fit their desire to travel. Driving across the entire country was the plan. Naturally, some folks were happy with making minor modifications to their vans for protracted road journeys. Some people, however, had the mind to live on the road for the rest of their lives.

The resurgence of this way of life was significantly influenced by the gig economy. Millennials favored high-paying freelance employment over slogging to work and working a 9–5 job that kept them in a cubicle. They came to the realization that there was much more to life than sitting at a desk all day long in their youth. Following in the footsteps of the hippy movement, millennials gave the van life a twist and began employing trucks, buses, and pretty much anything else with lots of space on wheels as mode of transportation.

Bloggers began to publish more stories about Vanlife, in addition to customizing these enormous cars, inspiring others to heed the same call. Vanlife festivals quickly returned, drawing large crowds.

Newer technology was also a key factor in its re-emergence. More and more apps are starting to cater to folks who live their lives on the road.

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