10 Small things that Actually Reveal A lot about Someone

What are some of the things that reveal alot about a person

Here’s a list of some of them;

Whether they will do something doesn’t directly benefit them but benefits someone else

“The way someone walks. Do they go quickly or slowly, with assurance or trepidation?

How they act toward others they will likely never see again.

When you visit someone’s home or living quarters, as well as when they are a visitor at your place, you might discover a lot about them.

When the other person isn’t present, what they say about them. Either say something kind or say nothing at all.

It has been established to some extent that the proverb “the eyes are a window to the soul” is true. You might be able to discern some aspects of someone’s personality by looking into their eyes.

How they respond when informed that they are mistaken or incorrect

How they respond to a question they don’t know the answer to

How they dress and how they have fun with people. Like, how someone acts when they’re casually hanging out with their friends tells a lot about them

Whether they talk about themselves, only the other person, or a balance of both

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