New Dinosaur Tracks Revealed in 2022

From Slovenia to Ecuador, these spots offer a variety of activities for solo travelers.

According to estimates, the tracks were about 113 million years old.
Many of the dinosaur footprints may be seen in the Paluxy River’s riverbed, a Texas watercourse that typically doesn’t flow during the summer. Due to low water levels, many of the tracks are visible every year, but a severe drought in 2022 revealed a fresh set of tracks that were assumed to be seen for the first time.
Artifacts that were supposed to be lost to history have been discovered thanks to low water levels all around the world, including sunken ships in Europe, Chinese Buddhist statues, a body-containing barrel in Nevada, and so-called “hunger stones” discovered in the Czech Republic. A Texas state park entered the list in August 2022 when 113-million-year-old dinosaur tracks imprinted on a riverbed were revealed.

“The river dried up completely in most places this past summer as a result of the extreme drought conditions, which made it possible to find more footprints here in the park. These more recent trails are typically covered in sediment and submerged under normal river conditions, which makes them less obvious, according to McDonnell.

“A limey mud was created when calcium carbonate accumulates from the shells of crustaceans (crabs, etc.) living in the sea. That mud had the ideal consistency to keep tracks: it wasn’t too wet or firm.

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