Nigerian Tiktokers Sentenced to 20 Lashes for Making fun of a Government Official

Abdullahi Ganduje, the governor of the northern state of Kano, is said to have been insulted by Mubarak Isa Muhammad and Muhammed Bula, according to local media sources.

They posted a video last week in which they criticized Mr. Ganduje for allegedly stealing land, being corrupt, and sleeping at work.

They shared the video on Facebook and TikTok, and Mr. Bula and Muhammad, who goes by the online alias Unique Pikin, were both taken into custody.

Both guys admitted their guilt and pleaded with the judge to be forgiving. They were nonetheless awarded 20 lashes apiece, were had to pay a fine of 10,000 naira (£20), and were required to keep the courtroom spotless for 30 days.

They had to express their regret for their behavior to Mr. Ganduje online as well.

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