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Eating Healthy Really Does Save the Planet

By adding more organic foods to our cart, we save the planet

Most inorganic foods involve recycling the packaging used to store these items, But do people really know how to recycle these items or are most of them just thrown away and therefore bring harm to the earth.

Organic foods are much more affordable than one might think. They could include fresh eggs from the farm, tomatoes , fresh beans , nuts, greens, fresh fruits from the tree and so much more. They are affordable in a way that even if thrown away, they degrade into the ground helping more organic foods to be produced hence being sustainable.

Farmers do not use any form of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides to grow this produce.This should therefore make it sustainable alternative when it comes to eating and not only for our bodies, but the environment as well.

When biodiversity is maintained, it allows species and organisms to work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life. This is how supporting organic farming helps all of us save the planet.

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