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Man in Singapore Poses as Female Gynecologist to see Women intimate pictures

From duck boats to sports stadiums, these tourist activities are popular for a reason.

The crimes were discovered in July when a woman reported them to the police after growing suspicious about Ooi and realizing there was no such doctor.

The authorities then carried out a home invasion and seized Ooi’s equipment. He admitted deceiving the women during the course of the police inquiry, according to the court records.

Ooi’s deputy public prosecutor, R. Arvindren, requested a prison term of at least three years and eight months in light of how many victims Ooi had and how long he had persisted in his deception.

According to Arvindren, “the accused carried out a well-planned scheme to satiate his sexual needs.”

“He tricked a number of victims into sending him various intimate photos and videos by pretending to be a female doctor.

He has abused the trust the public has for doctors and he has exploited social media to commit the crimes

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